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We are unique in the world to offer private and targeted services to the most exclusive target customers.


We have specific services to assist our member client better.

Client because we provide services and advice, member because our client becomes part of a privileged Club.

The charges:
Royal councilor
Royal Adviser
Duke adviser
Marquis adviser
Count adviser
Viscount adviser
Baron adviser
Private Secretariat
Private Butler
Private security
Event security
Event logistics

  • Ambassadors research, analysis and evaluation


  • Research, analysis and management of representations in the world


  • International relations management on 5 continents


  • Analysis and evaluation of diplomatic offices and diplomatic passports


  • Review and assessment of the research of relations with other Imperial or Royal Houses


  • Creation of well-being on behalf of our client


  • Trust management of economic activities (financial resources, companies, factories, buildings, etc.) or goods (paintings, carpets, jewels, collections, etc.) on behalf of our client

  • Our services allow noble and aristocratic families to be able to maintain a high economic level to maintain manors, palaces and castles or family properties

  • Our services make it possible to obtain the best financial returns thanks to partner institutions. Being our assisted allows access with the total exemption of entry fees

  • Our services allow our client member to manage the assignment of Royal Warrants better because we can assign them to prestigious products and companies


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