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We are the only institution in the world that offers private and targeted services to the most exclusive target customers. The service is provided with the utmost confidentiality to the Royal House and its members or the noble and aristocratic.

Our institution was born in September 1996. Royal Houses Councilor was created to provide assistance, advice and services to nobles, aristocrats and knights.

The founder, Master Royal Councilor of our Institution decides in 1996 to establish an Institution that could gather all the experiences gained over decades in 5 continents, in diplomacy, in geopolitics, in economics and international affairs.

For the reigning Imperial and Royal Families, we are often called to organise events, create foundations, design and publish websites, etc.

For Imperial and Royal families who are not rulers and noble, aristocratic families and knights, we are the reference and real help to keep Manors, Palaces and Castles, as well as to find solutions for more significant revenue.

Very often, you know that you have a consultant (advisor) or a councilor, to whom you can refer for every need; it is a concrete and privileged help. Checking a contact, a contract, a possible business or a proposal, thus being able to receive a professional analysis and private advice, allows obtaining more significant results in everyday life.

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